Wang Meng Gave Speech “Literature Forever” at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics_ Counsellors' Office of the State Council
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Wang Meng Gave Speech “Literature Forever” at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Source: Chongqing Evening News Date: 2016-11-07
On October 28th, Mr. Wang Meng, a renowned writer, scholar and former minister of culture, was invited to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE) to give a speech “Literature Forever”. SHUFE Vice President Huang Ying, Vice Dean of SHUFE Business School, Deputy Director of the SHUFE General Office Wang Xiaolu, Director of the Financiers’ Club of SHUFE Business School as well as over 300 students were present at the speech. It was a special event of the 99th anniversary of SHUFE and the Financier’s Club, organized by SHUFE Business School and chaired by Vice Dean Xue Liping.

Mr. Wang Feng posed for a photo with SHUFE Vice President Huang Ying

Before the speech, Mr. Wang Meng and his wife Shan Sanya had a brief talk with Vice President Huang Ying, who gave a short introduction to the history of SHUFE and its progress in recent years, presented a cartoon portrait of Mr. Wang and posed for a picture with him.

Mr. Wang Meng gave his speech

Under the title “Literature Forever”, Mr. Wang Meng talked about the changes of literature in a multi-media world. “Changes have taken place in our way of reading and living. Multi-media have grown in popularity. By comparison, literature is in a less lively form that appeals to senses. Therefore, people in other countries say ‘Literature is dying. On this topic, I want to share with you my thoughts.’” Mr. Wang addresses four subjects: “naming the world through literature”, “literature, an art of thinking”, “literature, a way of emotional cultivation” and “weaknesses of literature”. Under the four subjects, Wang Meng talked about his insights into literature that have been developed throughout his life. He holds the view that literature is joyful, comforting and constantly challenged. “If we cherish our thinking ability and want to improve our thinking ability, we will fall in love with literature. ” He also encouraged the students to have a sense of literary romanticism and cultivate thinking abilities, and, at the same time, improve the capability to tackle problems in the real world.

Throughout the speech, Mr. Wang Meng quoted from literary classics. In well-thought and humorous language, he went deep into literature, theories and humanity, which was a great source of inspiration for students. The speech ended with a warm applause from the audience.

Mr. Wang started writing in 1953. Over the past six decades, he has authored works of different genres, with more 17 million characters. He won the he Italian Mondello Prize and Japan's Soka Gakkai Peace Culture Prize. He is an honorary doctor of the RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the University of Macau and an honorary member of the Jordanian Writers’ Association. His works have been translated into over more than 20 languages. His works include “Long Live Youth”, “Huo Dong Bian Xing Ren” and “A Young Man Joining the Organization Department”. His novel “Scenery Here” created in 1970s about Xin Jiang won him the 2015 Mao Dun Literature Prize. His optimism and passion has inspired literature lovers. And he is one of the most prolific writers in China, who have continued to write.