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COSC Established the Social Investigation Center

Source: General Office Date: 2016-11-07

COSC Vice Chairman Wang Weimin spoke at the event.

COSC established the Social Investigation Center to carry out investigations and surveys in great depths, collect first-hand information in a scientific way and make timely reports to the Party and the government on what is happening in society and what is on people’s mind. The launch of the center and the workshop on social investigation were held in Wujiang, Suzhou on November 5th.

The center was established by COSC together with Dataway, Realwise Corporate Management and Realwise Investigation. Research Fellow Yao Jingyuan of COSC is chairman of the center.
Vice Chairman Wang said in his address that since the 18th Party Congress, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have paid closer attention to what people care about and want. General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “People’s yearning for a better life is what we must work for.” The current government has adopted the policy to govern for people’s needs and aspirations. To do so, there must be improved investigations and research to collect information about what is on people’s mind, what problems should be addressed and what policies are needed. Only through in-depth investigations can we be in a position to have a say on related matters. The main responsibility of COSC is to advise the Party and government on policy and decision making. Investigation and research is part of our expertise. The establishment of the Social Investigation Center is one way to improve research. The center is a platform to collect information about people and society and a collective platform for policy making.

According to Vice Chairman Wang, the center will carry out long, medium and short-term research projects on issues of concern to the people and come up with policy recommendations. Currently, the center will produce an annual report on migrant workers, identify problems and offer policy advice.

In the afternoon, the center launched the paper call for “Fei Xiaotong Field Investigation Award”. The award encourages people to look for and describe social changes among the people and convey their views and suggestions.