Dialogue with Boao 2022 An Interview with Chen Lai, Dean of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning: Historical Root-Tracing, Philosophical Heritages and the Cultural Undertakings for the Hainan Free Trade Port

2022-04-22 09:19
source: HNNTV.CN
author: Li Yifan

Journalists Chen Aijing, Wang Changyun and Xu Jing from HNNTV

The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022 was held in Boao, Hainan from April 20th to April 22nd. The International Communication & Media Center of Hainan Broadcasting Station made particular efforts in planning the high-end interview program named Dialogue with Boao. The host Chen Aijing invited guests to visit the forum, reported the most up-to-date news and latest views in a timely manner, so as to convey the voices from Boao Forum to the world beyond.

On the evening of April 21st, Mr. Chen Lai, Dean of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning and Researcher of China Central Institute for Culture and History, came as a guest on Dialogue with Boao and was exclusively interviewed by the host from Hainan Broadcasting Station, Chen Aijing.

Chen Lai, a famous contemporary philosopher and historian of philosophy, is currently a member of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC. As a professor in philosophy and a doctoral supervisor, he also serves as Dean of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of Tsinghua University, a member of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, a member of the Committee for Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education as well as a member at the National Planning Committee for Ancient Book Arrangement and Publishing. Meanwhile, Mr. Chen also acts as Chairman of the Society of History of Chinese Philosophy, Vice Chairman of the International Confucian Association, and Chairman of the China Confucius Foundation. In 2012, he was engaged as a Researcher of China Central Institute for Culture and History. Professor Chen mainly focuses his research on Confucian philosophies; Neo-Confucianism in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and modern Confucian philosophy. His research results represent the world’s leading wisdom in this field. In 2015, in the 29th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Chen was invited as a keynote speaker at the Huairen Hall in Zhongnanhai, i.e. the office of Chinese top leaders.

Chen was invited to attend the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference for the first time and participated in the discussion as a guest to one of its sub-forums. As the special VIP to the program Dialogue with Boao, Chen cited classics from ancient times to the present, introduced what is Chinese learning, its philosophical boundary, the reasons for its popularity as well as the connotation of strengthening cultural self-confidence, etc. He further made his own suggestions on the cultural undertakings in the Hainan Free Trade Port.

For more details in the interview, please watch the video Chen Aijing in Dialogue with Chen Lai in this round of Dialogue with Boao.

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